I remember a time when we bought cars to enjoy them and if we didn't lose money, that was a good car to own! People buy new cars all the time only to see their $120k BMW worth $40k in a not too distant future, but they buy those cars for the pleasure they derive from them. What you need to remember is that for some, life is not all about an accumulation of wealth in the bank but an accumulation of superb experiences, knowing confidently that none of us will get out alive! What it comes down to is the cost of a real low mile original classic and the cost, time and stress to create an example like many we featured here.

Some people will pay for instant gratification and they certainly don't buy it to make a million, but buy it to tell stories in the pub of the day they took it to a car show or a Volvo Owners Convention "Boy what a day!" Or perhaps the time they went on a road rally and made some great friends.... etc. you get my point. I love an investment also but sometimes, I just like to drive it and enjoy it, knowing it is cheaper than building one from scratch and a huge amount cheaper than chasing a trailer queen.

- Rich Kushner


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Have you always wanted a gorgeous, classic car? Or, are you a collector looking for a special vehicle? At Swedish Motors we've been in the classic car business since 1981.  That's four years earlier than the current crop of classic cars (1985 is now classic!)   

But, of course, like all classic car lovers, our enthusiasm for these beauties started years earlier than our first collector cars.

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