Your Incredible and Efficient Mini Should be Serviced by an Accredited Auto Repair Shop

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Nov 16, 2015 1:20:51 PM

If you drive a Mini Cooper, you drive one of the most distinctive, eco-friendly and comfortable import vehicles on the road. However, not all technicians are familiar with these vehicles or qualified to work on them. Likewise, not all repair shops possess the parts and equipment needed to service Minis.


Not only does your Mini get you from point A to B reliably and stylishly, it also represents a considerable investment. Protect that investment by choosing your service provider carefully. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you must head to a Mini dealership for routine service and repairs. In fact, the smart choice is to opt for a qualified independent.

Why Trust Mini Independent Auto Repair Over a Mini Dealership 

Qualified independent repair shops deliver the same skilled, specialized Mini Cooper service as dealerships, but usually charge significantly less and provide more personalized customer service. Assuming all things are equal except price, why would you choose the option that costs more? But qualified independent Mini auto repair isn’t merely equal to dealership repair, either. It’s better, because independents are smaller and have the time and desire to get to know you and your car. Many dealerships are more focused on meeting quotas than providing outstanding service.

Why You Need to Do Your Homework Before Choosing an Independent

So you’re convinced that allowing an independent shop to service your Mini is smarter than feeling tied to the dealership. That’s a great first step toward finding the right shop to service your car. The next step is researching independents to find a qualified Mini Cooper auto repair shop. Don’t underestimate the benefits of using a European and import car expert for service and repair as opposed to a technician who works primarily on domestic cars. Here are some questions to ask the management of any independent shop you’re considering using for your Mini Cooper repair and service needs.

  • Do you use parts specifically designed for Minis?
  • Have your technicians received Mini-specific training?
  • Is your shop equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment designed to evaluate imports?
  • Are your technicians familiar with Mini Cooper’s factory recommended maintenance schedule?

If the person you’re speaking to answers “no” to any of these questions or hesitates before answering “yes,” it’s best to continue your search. Any shop qualified to service your Mini should unequivocally answer these questions in the affirmative.

What if Your Mini Cooper is Still Under Warranty?

Many Mini owners assume that if their vehicle is under warranty, they’re required to take it to the dealership for service and repair. That may be precisely what dealerships want you to believe, but it’s not true. Having your Mini serviced outside the dealership will not void your warranty.

If you’re looking for an independent repair shop skilled in servicing Mini Cooper vehicles, Contact Us  at Swedish Motors. We’re your source for Mini Cooper authorized repairs in Marietta, Pennsylvania. We’ll treat you like an individual, not a number, and deliver affordable, skilled Mini service with a smile.

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