Visual Inspections and Computer Diagnostics for Auto Repair

Posted by Swedish Motors on May 12, 2016 3:00:00 PM

As the saying goes, “The eyes don’t lie.” While this may be true, sometimes they miss things. What does this have to do with your treasured import vehicle? More than you may realize. Import auto repair shops should not only have technicians but also computer equipment for diagnosing required repairs and services. Which is more accurate when it comes to determining what repairs and services your car does and doesn’t need? 



How Do Computer Diagnostics for Cars Work?

You can easily conclude what a visual inspection entails: a qualified repair technician looking at your car’s parts and systems and making note of what is and is not normal. However, what do computer diagnostics accomplish that a visual inspection does not? Computer assessments provide information based on data collected while your car is driven and stored. When a technician uses computer diagnostics, he receives a list of possible problem areas in your car that need to be further evaluated. Additionally, you’ve heard of human error. No human is perfect and we all sometimes forget things, including forgetting to check a certain car part or system. Computers are certainly not perfect, but they don't become tired, ill or distracted. Whatever they’re set up to monitor, you can trust they’re monitoring it. The importance of computer notification systems is undeniable.


Why Professional Visual Assessments Complement Computer Diagnostics 

Computer diagnostics may be reliable, but they don’t tell the entire story. Unlike humans, computers don't have the ability to reason. They also don’t have the ability to ask questions, explain things or sense in their gut something about the data “just isn’t right.” The best vehicle assessments begin with a technician evaluating the results of a computer diagnostics test and then visually evaluating those findings. If your home had a computer system keeping track of your HVAC system and other appliances and it informed you a certain system needed to be replaced, would your first step be to order a replacement? Or would your first step be to walk over to the system in question, flashlight in hand, and check it out for yourself? All auto maintenance checks require visual inspection! For instance, say a computer diagnostic test red flags your brake pads as being “worn.” Of course they’re worn, that is what happens when they’re performing as designed. Do they absolutely need to be replaced now or can you wait until your next scheduled appointment? A human technician conducting a visual assessment will be able to give you informed advice.


The Best of Both Worlds

You could spend hours debating the merits of visual inspection versus computer diagnostics for your import vehicle. When you choose the right service center, you don’t have to choose one or the other, you can enjoy both. The skilled technicians at Swedish Motors perform thorough visual inspections on each vehicle they service and repair. They also use our state-of-the art computer diagnostic equipment to make sure they haven’t overlooked anything. When your import needs maintenance or repair, make the smart choice and contact us at Swedish Motors.

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