Visit a Saab Independent Repair Shop for Personalized Service and Lower Costs

Posted by Swedish Motors on Jul 21, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Taking your vehicle to the dealership may seem like the only smart choice, but did you know there are benefits of taking your Saab to an independent auto repair shop instead? The dealership may make you feel like they are the only ones who can provide the quality of service your car needs, but this often isn’t the case. A Saab service center can provide you with personalized service at a much lower cost with factory-trained technicians who have the experience necessary to handle every problem.


Technicians Get to Know You

One of the reasons to visit an independent shop versus the dealership is for the personalized service you will receive. If you take your vehicle to the dealership for service or repairs, you may feel like you are treated like a number or the technicians don’t take a personal interest in making sure you are satisfied with their work. However, at a Saab independent repair shop, your technicians will get to know you and your vehicle personally, ensuring your car is well cared for.

A Saab Service Center Costs Less

Dealerships often charge more for the same parts and services you would receive when taking your car to an independent repair shop. This is the biggest reason why you should bypass the Saab dealership. Here, the cost of the same manufactured parts will not have the same amount of markup as they would have at the dealership. Likewise, independent technicians often work for an hourly rate, rather than on commission, like those who work at a dealership. This means they are less likely to spend extra time trying to sell you more services than you really need.

Their Technicians Are Fully Trained

A Saab service center will employ technicians who are factory trained, just like those who work at the dealership. They also have access to the same equipment and parts, allowing them to perform the same tasks with the same precision and dedication to quality. You can rely on these individuals to take great care of your car and ensure it continues to function at its best.

If you’re wondering if there are any benefits of taking your Saab to an independent auto repair shop, put your mind at rest. A Saab independent repair shop is just as qualified to perform the same repairs, using manufacturer parts, as the dealership, but can often do so for less with a level of personalized care unmatched by the dealer.

If you’re looking for a Saab service center, contact us. We can perform the same quality repairs for less, helping you protect your investment.


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