Tips For Driving In The Ice and Snow: What You Need To Know Before You Go

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Mar 2, 2015 1:27:53 PM

Driving in ice or snow can be treacherous, and driving in extreme conditions should always be avoided if at all possible. However, since staying at home is not always possible, every precaution should be taken to maintain your safety. Here are a few safety tips for driving in ice and snow to help you on your way.

tips-for-driving-in-the-ice-and-snow-swedish-motorsWhy It’s Important to Maintain Your Car in Cold Weather

Don’t let wintry weather catch you unprepared. Check the tread on your tires, your battery, and fluid levels. Ensure you have enough antifreeze, and that you have windshield washer fluid that will prevent freezing in your windshield washer tubing and on your windshield. Check to see that your front windshield defroster and back windshield defroster are in good working order. Keep emergency supplies in your trunk, such as flares, a flashlight, and an ice scraper.

Turn On Your Headlights

Once you are ready to head out, use your headlights. Although many cars have an automatic headlight feature, in ice and snow conditions they may not activate automatically. Check to see if they do before you drive away, and turn them on manually if necessary.

Don't Be Overconfident

Once out on the icy road and driving seems to be going smoothly, there can be a tendency to speed up. 4-wheel or all-wheel drive may be enough to handle the extreme weather, but it's no guarantee of stability on an icy road. It is not always easy to know how to drive in the snow or ice. Slow down and avoid using jerky movements for better road handling and to prevent skidding.

Give Yourself Plenty of Room

Don't follow other drivers too closely. If road conditions are deteriorating ahead and the driver in front of you stops suddenly, your car could skid or worse, be part of an accident.

air-conditioning-vent1Go Easy On the Brakes

Don't slam on the brakes when driving in the ice and snow since this can cause you to lose traction and slide. If you find yourself beginning to skid, remove your foot from the accelerator until you regain traction. If you still find yourself sliding, turn gently in the direction of the skid. If braking is necessary and your car is equipped with anti-lock brakes, apply consistent pressure and the brakes will pump automatically for you.

Stay Alert

Driving in any adverse weather conditions can be daunting. It’s best to remain calm and stay alert of all activity around your vehicle. Look ahead and prepare to slow down well in advance of any signals or turns in the road, and be prepared to safely avoid any other cars that may lose control.

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