Should PA Require Annual Vehicle Safety Inspections for Cars

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At present, 25 of Pennsylvania’s counties require state inspections for cars; however, there has been talk of discontinuing annual inspections due to a variety of factors. This brings up the question, does PA vehicle inspections need to be done annually? One of the proposed options is to eliminate inspections during the first two years of car ownership. Others feel the inspections aren’t necessary at all. It’s important to understand why state inspections are important for safety.

Should PA Require Annual Safety Inspections for Cars

The Vehicle Safety Inspections Checklist Identifies Problems Early

One of the benefits of using a vehicle safety inspection checklist on an annual basis is the ability to identify serious safety concerns before they threaten the safety of those who travel in the car. The current car inspection requirements for Pennsylvania allow car owners to get frequent reports on the status of their car so they can make necessary repairs to avoid more serious issues. If these inspections were reduced or eliminated altogether, vehicle owners may miss problems in their early stages, which can lead to serious accidents.

A Low Car Accident Rating

Pennsylvania currently ranks 30th of all states in vehicle fatalities. This could be a good indicator that annual safety inspections should continue to ensure the safety of many of the vehicles on the road. The current car inspection requirements for Pennsylvania help vehicle owners check their car for common safety issues so they can feel confident in the safety of their vehicle as they drive. If state inspections for cars were done at a lower frequency or not at all, it can be expected that vehicle accident numbers in Pennsylvania will increase because many car owners would have difficulty identifying many of the issues that are typically flagged during these inspections.

Changes May Help

Instead of eliminating car inspection requirements in Pennsylvania, it may be better to make changes to the current program that reflect improvements in technology. Many of the vehicle safety inspection checklist items are outdated, as are the ways in which these inspections are completed. This is especially true in counties that require both an emissions test and a safety inspection. If the state updated their testing procedures, rather than pushing the testing to the wayside, the roads would continue to be safer and drivers could feel confident in the safety of their car.

Understanding why state inspections are important will help you realize why it’s best for the car inspection requirements in Pennsylvania to remain the same. Checking a car over annually for emissions and safety issues will ensure a safe road and environment. Eliminating these programs or reducing the frequency of the testing could put drivers and their passengers at risk.

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