Is It A Good Idea To Warm Up Your Import Car In The Cold?

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Mar 4, 2015 10:30:00 AM

It’s a cold wintry morning. Work and school are waiting, and you and your family are ready to hit the road. One problem. The car is ice cold and you’ve been elected to go out, get it started, and warm it up for everyone else. But, is warming up a European car on a cold day beneficial to your car, or will it do more harm than good? For those in favor of heating it up, here are some reasons why you may want to reconsider.

warming-up-your-import-car-in-the-cold-swedish-motors..Is It Really A Good Idea To Warm Up My Car On Extremely Cold Days?

In older cars, there were chokes and carburetors to consider, but now we utilize efficient fuel injector systems. As a result, circulating the engine’s oil and coolant is the only real reason to warm up or idle your car. For best performance, it’s recommended that you idle your vehicle no longer than 30 seconds, then gradually warm up your car’s components by just driving it. This will save you fuel, reduce the emission of harmful gases in the air, and your vehicle will run more efficiently as well.

Is Idling On A Cold Day Harmful?

While your car is idling, it’s releasing carbon monoxide and other gases. If your vehicle is kept outdoors, check your exhaust pipe to make sure there is no snow or ice obstructing the pipe that could cause the harmful odorless carbon monoxide to flow back into your car. This gas is dangerous to both humans and animals and can result in a quick and silent death. If you keep your vehicle inside a garage that’s attached to your house, warming up your car can cause this gas to flow back into your house endangering your family and pets. Pull your car out of the garage before running your motor for any length of time after you start it up.

warming-up-your-import-car-in-the-cold-swedish-motorsShould I Let My Car Warm Up Without Me?

We’ve all been there. You go out to start your car in freezing weather, and go back inside the house for a few minutes to grab that last cup of coffee, or maybe you’ve just forgotten something. Some of us may even use remote starters as a convenience. 

Can Idling Reduce the Wear on My Car’s Engine?

In today’s vehicles, idling your car for long periods of time can actually cause damage to the performance of your engine and waste gas. It can also cause fuel residue to build up and adversely affect your mileage.

So, is idling necessary on an import car? Absolutely not. If you want to warm up your car, stick to a limit of 30 seconds, then gently drive on and warm up the inside as you dive.

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