A York BMW Dealership Doesn't Guarantee You The Best Deal Or Service

Posted by Audrey Kushner on Apr 16, 2014 11:26:00 AM

Deciding to take your vehicle to an independent BMW repair shop, instead of a BMW dealership, may not be such a difficult decision after all.

In November and December of 2012, AutoMD.com surveyed 3,000 automobile owners online. 80 percent of the respondents said they felt they had been overcharged for repairs at a dealership, while 90 percent felt they could save more money by visiting an independent shop.

BMW Repair Shop York Lancaster HarrisburgWhat's changed since then? Well, the price of gas, for one. The price of gas has increased at an annualized rate of nine percent over the past four years.

But, you know that, because you're the one paying for gas every week.

So, where can you save money when it comes to your BMW?

At Swedish Motors, right here in central Pennsylvania. We're a short drive from York, PA, so you won't use much gas getting here. We have loaner vehicles, so we save you time negotiating for alternate transportation (and, time is money!)

As a courtesy, because we know it's rarely convenient for your BMW to need servicing or repair, we offer after hours drop off and pick-up. 
BMW Repair Shop Located Between York, Lancaster and Harrisburg PA
You've already made the decision to invest in a great car, a BMW. BMW's are considered pretty fuel efficient, even if you sigh every time you pull into a gas station. In fact the 2014 BMW 328d Sports Wagon is rated (by the FuelEconomy.gov) as one of the most fuel efficient station wagons on the market.  (If you need something more fuel effecienct check out our pre-owned vehicles)

Since you're already saving money by driving a beautifully built machine, why not save a little more by having your BMW serviced at an independent repair shop? You'll get convenience, courtesy, and the satisfaction of knowing that you paid a fair price. 

Who knows, you may be so happy with your BMW repair experience that you smile all the way to the gas station.

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