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Warning Signs That Your Vehicle Hit A Pothole (That Caused Damage)

Posted by Swedish Motors on Apr 16, 2019 1:30:07 PM

Are you unsure if you hit a pothole? Watch our video about the warning signs your vehicle hit a pothole and could have possibly caused some damage. If you wait to make repairs, you could end up causing even more damage to your tires, alignment, and even more.

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Our 6th Annual Golf Tournament

Posted by Swedish Motors on May 25, 2018 12:05:00 PM

Benefiting The Ann B. Barshing Cancer Institute Image Recovery Fund


Join Us!

Saturday, June 9th, 2018

Starting at 8 AM - $80 per person 

Luncheon to Follow


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Do You Have Carbon Buildup On Your Intake Valves?

Posted by Swedish Motors on Mar 22, 2018 3:00:28 PM

If you’re driving a late model vehicle, it's likely equipped with a direct fuel injection system.  Older vehicles with conventional fuel injection systems deliver fuel to the engine through injectors located in the intake manifold.  Newer vehicles with direct injection systems locate the fuel injectors directly in the combustion chamber of the engine; allowing the fuel to be atomized more effectively, resulting in increased fuel economy, power, and response.  The downside to this revelation in fuel injection technology is the potential for carbon-buildup to occur.  Because fuel no longer passes over and "washes" the back of the intake valves, carbon-deposits commonly form on the valve surfaces. 

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Swedish Motors How To Buy A Classic Car

Posted by Swedish Motors on Mar 19, 2018 2:21:44 PM

Classic cars can be a great joy to drive. Whether it is to bring on a nostalgic feeling or you want to be the talk of the town. There are some factors you would want to consider before purchasing your first or next classic car.

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The Level of Gas in Your Tank Will Keep You and Your Import Car Safe in The PA Winter

Posted by Swedish Motors on Dec 18, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Winter is here and with it comes Pennsylvania’s notoriously unpredictable weather patterns. Winter blizzards, sleet and icy driving conditions are all part of what we put up with to live in this otherwise idyllic part of the country. As the mercury dips, there are concrete steps you should take to keep you and your import car safe in the PA winter.

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Be Prepared Before Freezing Temps Hit

Posted by Swedish Motors on Nov 6, 2016 1:30:00 PM

The Fall season is one of the most pleasant times of the year in Pennsylvania. Summer’s blazing heat is long gone and winter’s chill and accompanying snow and ice hasn’t yet arrived. It is the ideal time to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. It’s also the ideal time to make sure your car is equipped to handle the extreme winter-driving conditions that are right around the corner. Be prepared before freezing temps hit and take advantage of the beautiful weather to prepare your vehicle for winter's more extreme conditions. 

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Important Supplies To Have In Your Car In Case of Bad Weather, Mechanical Problems, Or An Emergency

Posted by Swedish Motors on Oct 4, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Being well prepared for a mishap or emergency is an important part of driving safety. It can save your life if you go off the road during a storm, have a late night traffic accident or a mechanical problem in an inconvenient place. Make sure your emergency car care checklist includes a section with a list of important supplies to have in your car. However, it doesn't stop there. Most people know they should have safety gear in their car, but not everybody translates that knowledge into action. We'll tell you what you should have on hand in case of emergency.

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European Certified Technician For Your BMW Engineered Mini Cooper

Posted by Swedish Motors on Jun 1, 2016 11:21:20 AM


Your Mini Cooper is fast, fun and exciting. The pure joy of cruising the streets in one of these powerful, BMW-engineered cars means you need great, specialized Mini Cooper service to keep your luxury vehicle reliable over the long haul. While your vehicle is distinctive, comfortable and eco-friendly, many technicians are not qualified to work on them due to a lack of familiarity.

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Should I Panic If My Import Car Check Engine Light Comes On?

Posted by Swedish Motors on May 27, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Your check engine light is an important warning signal, but there is no need to panic if it comes on. There are a number of reasons a check engine light comes on. It can be something simple like a failure to correctly secure the fuel tank lid at your last visit to the gas station. However, because an import car check engine light is a warning of a potential mechanical problem, it should never be ignored.

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Visual Inspections and Computer Diagnostics for Auto Repair

Posted by Swedish Motors on May 12, 2016 3:00:00 PM

As the saying goes, “The eyes don’t lie.” While this may be true, sometimes they miss things. What does this have to do with your treasured import vehicle? More than you may realize. Import auto repair shops should not only have technicians but also computer equipment for diagnosing required repairs and services. Which is more accurate when it comes to determining what repairs and services your car does and doesn’t need? 


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