5 Volkswagen Repair Shop Myths Debunked

Posted by Swedish Motors on Jul 5, 2015 3:30:00 PM
There are many myths that surround VW auto repair and maintenance. In most cases, car owners are led to believe they need to take their car to the dealership for maintenance and repair. However, many times this isn’t the case. If you’ve been searching for a “VW mechanic near me,” the closest independent repair shop is likely to be a good dealership alternative for Volkswagen service. Read on to learn the truth about the five biggest Volkswagen repair shop myths.


1. Your Warranty Will Be Voided

One of the biggest concerns individuals have regarding using an independent repair shop for their Volkswagen is whether the warranty will be voided. Fortunately, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 changed all that. Under this act, manufacturers are no longer able to tell car owners where they can take their car for service or repairs.

2. Only a Dealership Can Perform Volkswagen Repair and Service

The dealership often charges more money for services than their independent alternatives. This dealership alternative for Volkswagen service and repair will provide you the same service you would receive at a dealership for a fraction of the cost. You can go wherever you want for VW auto repair and maintenance as long as they are certified to work on these vehicles.

3. Volkswagens Are Expensive to Maintain

You may have heard rumors VWs and other import cars are more expensive to repair than their domestic counterparts. While the parts may sometimes cost more due to their need to be imported, overall, the cost of maintaining your Volkswagen is relatively comparable to any other vehicle you may purchase. As long as you adhere to the maintenance schedule set forth in your manual, your vehicle will run well for many years.

4. Anyone Can Maintain Your Car

While you don’t need to head to the dealership for your Volkswagen repair and service, you can’t turn to just anyone. You need to make sure you are choosing a dealership alternative that has the proper certifications and training. Factory trained and certified technicians will be just as capable as a dealership, but someone with little or no experience with VW cars will not be equipped with the knowledge to handle the unique needs of your Volkswagen.

5. Fixing Your Car at Home is Better

Many do-it-yourself car owners think they can perform the same services at home to help keep their costs lower. While some people may be capable of completing some of these tasks, most won’t save you money doing this. In fact, if you attempt to work on your car yourself rather than taking it in, you could cause more damage or may not fix the problem at all, which means you’ll spend more getting it fixed the right way.

Finding a dealership alternative for Volkswagen service will ensure your car runs well for as long as possible. Before you make the right choice for your Volkswagen repair, make sure you understand what information is a myth so you can decide the best option for your vehicle repair and maintenance.

If you’re looking for a VW mechanic in Central Pennsylvania, contact us. Our experienced technicians can handle all of your repairs and maintenance so you can rely on your VW for as long as possible.


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