4 Reasons a Certified Technician Should Replace Your Import Car Battery

Posted by Swedish Motors on Apr 24, 2016 2:30:00 PM
Without it, your car will not be of much use to you. It’s something you probably don’t think much about until you discover it has stopped working. It’s your car battery of course! Most people have at least one experience with sliding into their car’s driver seat, turning the key and having nothing happen. It’s such an inconvenience many people opt to change their battery every couple of years simply to avoid the hassle of playing Russian roulette with their aging battery. That’s not a bad idea. Especially if you make sure to have a professional handle your auto battery replacement.


Pros Can Help Ensure You Replace Your Car Battery Before It Fails, But Not Too Early

While you’re probably interested in replacing your car battery before it fails, you probably also don’t want to remove and discard a perfectly good battery. A professional repair shop has the expertise and tools to test your existing battery and give you an accurate idea of how much longer you can expect it to last. One of the biggest benefits of having your car battery replaced by an expert is an expert will only replace a battery that is nearing the end of its lifespan, thereby saving you money.

Pros Know Which Battery Will Perform Best in Your Import

Sure, you could head to an auto parts store to buy a battery. The problem is unless you’ve got knowledge of car batteries, you’ll be at the mercy of whatever hourly worker you flag down for guidance. When you trust a professional technician to replace your battery, you can be confident your new battery will be hand-selected by someone qualified to know the difference between battery X and battery Y.

Pros Understand Imports’ Unique Needs

You may know how to hook up a battery, but you probably don’t know replacing the battery in many imports requires additional steps. For example, after most Mercedes-Benz batteries are replaced, the vehicle's sun roof and windows must be resynchronized. So do their steering-angle sensors. Additionally, replacing a battery on an import often causes diagnostic trouble codes. You probably have no idea how to resynchronize parts or clear trouble codes. That’s why a certified technician should replace your import car battery. Save yourself time and anxiety and don’t try to replace your import vehicle’s battery yourself!

A Peek under the Hood by a Pro Is Always Beneficial

When a pro replaces your car’s battery, he or she has an opportunity to spot potential problems with other engine parts. If your cables are corroded or belts or hoses appear overly worn, for instance, a trained professional will see that and alert you so it can be repaired before damage occurs.

If your import car battery is approaching two years old, it’s a good idea to have it tested to determine whether it’s time to have it replaced. It’s far more convenient to replace your battery when its charge is dangerously low rather than wait until you turn the key only to discover your battery has failed. We can test and replace your battery. Contact us at Swedish Motors to make an appointment or stop by at your convenience. 

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