Our 1958 Volvo 445 Duett aka "Meatball" Featured At The New York International Auto Show

Posted by Audrey Kushner

May 22, 2017 6:49:42 PM

What is a Duett?

The Volvo Duett was a vehicle produced by Volvo from 1953 to 1969 that their intended purpose was to be a delivery vehicle during the week and were as comfortable as any Volvo sedan when not using it for work.

Who is "Meatball"

This particular Classic 1958 Volvo 445 Duett has been in Swedish Motor's care for more than 40 years! It was a California car that a young couple brought cross country  and settled in Lancater.  It was actually a wedding gift for the wife from her family. Rich Kushner was servicing the gem for the couple when they expressed interest in selling it, Rich jumped on the opportunity.  25 years ago we took on a complete restoration of the vehicle where it then became known as 'Meatball'. Why Meatball? We have no clue. Back then across the street in our detail shop was a body shop that our vetran employee that managed that shop insisted on naming all of our project cars.  For years we toted it around the East Coast to Volvo conventions and classic car show. 

Eight years ago, a Volvo enthuisaist and gun shop owner in Bourbon County Kentucky purchased it from us for his private musuem. He contracted our team to convert it to a 12 volt electrical system and build an engine with three times the horse power which made it a real hoot to drive! As our friend's health declined he reached out to Rich to purchase Meatball back.

Fast forward to today, he was delivered several weeks in an enclosed trailer on a pitch black cold evening. Since then he's been aquired by Volvo of North America to make his new home in Charleston, South Carolina in their new factory/museum. 











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