Important Supplies To Have In Your Car In Case of Bad Weather, Mechanical Problems, Or An Emergency

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Oct 4, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Being well prepared for a mishap or emergency is an important part of driving safety. It can save your life if you go off the road during a storm, have a late night traffic accident or a mechanical problem in an inconvenient place. Make sure your emergency car care checklist includes a section with a list of important supplies to have in your car. However, it doesn't stop there. Most people know they should have safety gear in their car, but not everybody translates that knowledge into action. We'll tell you what you should have on hand in case of emergency.


Bad Weather Supplies

Bad weather can increase the chance of a traffic mishap due to poor visibility and slick road conditions. Having emergency supplies in your vehicle should be considered a part of basic car safety essentials because those supplies can save your life. A relatively minor traffic mishap, such as sliding off the road into a tree or guardrail during a blizzard, torrential downpour or desert sandstorm, may yield little to no injuries with today's superior vehicle safety equipment. However, without the right supplies, a person can be in great danger while waiting for help to arrive.

In extreme circumstances, such as during a frigid winter or out in the desert, a person can die without adequate supplies. That is because emergency response times can be significantly longer in such situations. Therefore, make sure you have a sturdy plastic bin packed with bottled water, high energy protein bars or granola bars, blankets and a good first aid kit in case you are stranded longer than usual.

In another box, you'll want a top-quality folding shovel, road flares, and, during seasons when inclement weather is likely, a bag of cat litter, which can provide the traction you need to free yourself if you get stuck in a slick spot. Other items to consider include a reserve cell phone charger, a flashlight, extra batteries, a good pair of walking shoes or boots, a rain poncho, maps, and a compass.

Other Car Safety Essentials to Have on Hand

Be prepared for a mechanical failure or accident by packing a sturdy plastic tub with items that can help. Don't just leave them in the trunk rolling around or they may be damaged and unusable when you need them. You'll want the basics, such as duct tape, jumper cables, a tow strap, an easy-to-use jack and a basic set of tools, including a mix of screwdriver types, pliers, wrenches and a set of vice grips. You'll want to add two quarts of oil, some brake fluid, a can of spray lubricant, a gallon or two of antifreeze, some windshield cleaner and a funnel to your box.

Contact us to learn more about vehicle safety and emergency road preparation. Don't be among the far too many drivers who find themselves in an emergency situation and wish they'd taken the time to really prepare for it. Gather your emergency car care supplies together today and put them in your vehicle.

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